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In the rich 106 year history of the Furness & District Bowling League, there are lots to be proud of.


Please browse the website and keep up to date with all the upcoming information that you may need for the season.


On behalf of the current president Mr George Barrow and my fellow officers of the league,

I wish you a good season and I hope to see you around the greens.



Yours in Sport,

Joe Wardman

Chairman, Furness & District Bowling League

2019 Season

5 April                 Season Starts
19 May                Lawson Trophy
at                                           Walney Park
4 August             £500 Handicap at                                           Roose Cons 
21 September    Season Closes
29 September    1st Division Play-offs
                                      at  Glaxo
29 September    2nd Division Play-offs                                   at King Alfred
29 September    3rd Division Play-offs                                   at Kirby
5 October           Grand Masters  at                                         Coop                                       

Latest News

AGM 2019

The AGM for the Furness & District Bowling League will be held at the Coop SC Club on Thursday 24 October 2019 starting at 7pm.

Grand Masters Competition 2019


I great day of bowling from all the entries. Well done to the Coop for the use of the green for the day and having refreshments available for us all. Thanks to the referees for the assistance on the day. 

A great display of bowling from each bowler on the day and the final was a great game to watch.

Billy Thornton and Barry Lowden put on a great display of bowling for the final. Well done to Billy Thornton for winning the 2019 Grand Masters Competition.


Thank you to all for a great season and see you again next year for another great season.

500 Handicap Competition 

4 August 2019

An exceptional day of bowling from all entries. Thank you to Roose Cons and Salthouse Bowling clubs for the use of the greens and having refreshments and food for us on the day.  Thank you to the referees for assisting on the day. 

An amazing final was played between Barry Lowden and James Duffin. They both displayed exceptional bowling down to the end.  Well done to Barry Lowden for winning the final. 

Thank you to all helpers on the day and to the bowlers for playing on the day. 

The next League Competition will be the Play offs at the end of the season and then we have the Grand Masters. 

Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the season.


2019 Lawson Trophy Competition

Thank you all bowlers for participating in a great day of bowling. We had some brilliant games of bowls been played.   

Thank you to Walney Bowling Club for hosting the competition and providing refreshments and food on the day.

Well done to both our finalists, Glyn Stevens and Nick Reilly, who played exceptionally well through the day to reach the final.  Congratulations Nick Reilly  our winner of the 2019 Lawson Trophy. 

The next League competition is the 500 handicap. All names to the league secretary to secure your entry.

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Club Competitions

Click on the Competitions page to find the list of all our clubs competitions.  Go down and support the bowlers and enjoy a good day of bowling